United Heritage

United Heritage is another life insurance company that offers burial insurance , annuities, and group life and disability income insurance in 38 states and the District of Columbia. Originally Grange Mutual Life Company (GML) the company got its start in 1934 where it was licensed to provide affordable life insurance to Grange Members living in Washington and Idaho.

Over the years it expanded across 38 states as well as different markets and in 1991 changed its name to United Heritage Mutual Life Insurance Company.

Financial Track Record

It is important to have a good financial track record so you know it is able to actually pay its claims. If the company you are looking at does not have a good financial track record, run for the hills. You want to be able to work with a company that is able to fulfill their promise when it comes right down to it. A company that isn’t able to pay out your claim, when it is all said and done…isn’t good for anyone. AM Best, a third party organization, gave United Heritage an A- rating when it comes to financial strength. Which in the grand scheme of things a great rating.

Pre-Need Funeral Planning

With United Heritage, you are able to be proactive when it comes to planning your funeral. The majority of individuals who are looking to have burial insurance want to make sure everything is planned out well in advance so their loved ones don’t have to take on any of the burden once they are gone.

Some of the benefits that come with pre-need funeral planning is completely eliminating a lot of the guesswork when it comes to planning a funeral. Although you won’t know the cost down the line of what your funeral may be, United Heritage will prides itself in making sure you will have enough to pay for your funeral.

United Heritage Burial Insurance Plans

Similar to many insurance companies out there United Heritage has different types of burial insurance plans based upon your different types of needs. Their three primary plans on this series include an immediate death benefit plan, a graded benefit product, and a modified death benefit product.

These types of final expense insurance plans are designed to take care of your final expenses, funeral costs, and burial expenses. This means your family will not be financially at risk after your passing.

The Protector Whole Life policy, is a level death benefit policy. This means that once the policy is inforce, it pays out the full death benefit upon death. However, to qualify, you must answer NO to all their health questions.

If answers to questions 1-9 are all “No” the Proposed Insured may qualify for a PMB policy.

In addition to answering the health questions, United Heritage will do a prescription drug back ground check, and a review of you Medical Information Bureau file . United Heritage also makes approvals in a very timely manner. Your approval may take 2-3 business days. They are very timely, and very easy to work with. Unlike other companies, they also DO NOT require telephone interviews. They will simply communicate thru your Agent, and gather any information thru the agent.

If you answer YES to certain questions, you may be eligible for their Protector Graded Benefit whole life product. With this product, if death occurs in the first


year of the policy, the beneficiary receives 30% of the death benefit. If death occurs in the second year of the policy, the beneficiary receives 70% of the death benefit. After the policy has been in force for two years, at any point there after the full death benefit is paid to the beneficiary.

The final product United Heritage offers, is the Protector Modified Benefit. This product is designed for those who are not in the best health. During the first two years, if you pass, your beneficiaries will receive 100% of what you’ve paid into the policy as well as 5% interest. While it won’t be the whole death benefit, it is better than nothing.  This type of policy is similar to Guaranteed Issued policies.


Who should consider United Heritage Burial Insurance Plans?

We find United Heritage to be one of the best companies out there.   They are very easy to deal with, and are very consumer friendly. Their home office treats all clients with the upmost respect, and they treat you like you should be treated.

Along with competitive rates, they pay their death claims in a timely manner. You won’t get the runaround, when the time comes for your policy to be paid out. This gives you piece of mind knowing the burial insurance policy you have been paying on, will be there for your family when they need it most.

United Heritage even allows children to take out burial insurance for their parents. This is always important as many children prefer to be Owners of the policy. By doing so, the child is in control of the policy, and can ensure everything is inforce. United Heritage also accepts applicants with pre-existing conditions. We know as you get older, your health may not always be what it once was. United Heritage burial insurance plans may be a good solution for your loved ones.

United Heritage Bottom Line

United Heritage definitely has one of the better burial insurance products out there that will cover your final expenses. Their plans United Heritage E Series Plan and United Heritage Final Expense are just a few of their products that will definitely provide coverage for a lot of individuals.

However, there are other companies out there that may be able to satisfy your needs better. The type of coverage your neighbor needs may not be the same type of coverage you need. Life insurance is not a one size fits all one-stop shop. You need to compare, compare, compare.

Let Us Help!

At Burial Insurance Pro’s, we have the knowledge and know it relates in the burial insurance world. We know the ins and outs of these companies, including those who may or may not approve you for a reasonably priced policy. Why waste time and energy seeking policies from companies who will just decline you or ask you to pay a ridiculously high policy rate?

We have helped many people find the coverage they need at a price that is affordable. Let us help you make soild recommendations that are tailored to you and your lifestyle. We know your options and we help you sort through them – answering any questions you may have along the way. You are not in this alone. Contact us today to get started!