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Final Expense Plans with Gerber Life Insurance

Our burial insurance pros will be evaluating the final expense plan with Gerber Life Insurance Co. After we are done here, you will know if Gerber Life’s burial insurance plan is right for you. In addition, also take a look at why we have carefully chosen Gerber Life to be among the best burial insurance companies available.


Burial Insurance Pros fast facts about this plan:

  • The plan will not expire
  • The price will always stay the same
  • The death benefit will never decrease
  • No health questions will be asked no medical exam
  • You will have a two year waiting period.


Gerber Life has a great guaranteed issue burial insurance plan that is easily one of the best guaranteed issued policy’s available. Gerber life is a well-respected in the industry and is a financially sound company that you can trusted. If your health should preclude you from a day one level benefit and need a plan a guaranteed acceptance policy, don’t make the mistake of going elsewhere.


Mutual of Omaha burial insurance would be cheaper, and it has immediate day one coverage. (No waiting period.) We sell the Living Promise level benefit plan regularly and recommend it to many of our clients. But if you asked us to help you get a Mutual of Omaha’s Graded benefit plan without day one coverage we would have to tell you that there are better burial insurance plans available.



Do you want the best burial insurance Plan at the lowest possible price?

We have access to all the top burial insurance plans available. We have helped thousands of families with their burial insurance plans.


Our ability to offer any insurance company to choose from is what allows us to always do what is best for you. The experts at burial insurance pros will find the insurance company that will be your best fit.


Burial Insurance

Shopping for burial insurance plans is never fun or exciting. Fortunately our burial insurance pros have made this really easy for you. Please take a look at our other reviews if you are considering final expense burial insurance policy. You will see that we have provided you with the most up to date detailed information available on the web. Our expert burial insurance pros always begin with a consolidate review of each company and then continue on with the full review this can get somewhat long and boring. We will start with the most important information which is pretty basic with our general outline of each burial insurance plan and the company details. The Long review is far more detailed. It covers every feature and leaves no rock unturned.

Plans are available in amounts of $5,000 – $25,000. The best part about this guaranteed issue burial insurance plan is the price. There are many insurance providers on the market that offer guaranteed ac burial insurance. The only difference among them all is what they charge for the insurance.


Gerber Life’s final expense insurance is a guaranteed whole life policy. Guaranteed acceptance is also commonly referred to as guaranteed issue. Since it is guaranteed there is a two year waiting period for the death benefit to be in full effect.  The Gerber Life guaranteed Issued burial insurance plan will only pay out if the insured lives at least 24 months and a day.  If someone dies before the 2 year waiting period the beneficiary’s will receive all premiums paid plus 10% interest. You can’t lose money on this Final Expense burial insurance plan.  ALL guaranteed issue burial insurance plans have a two year waiting period.  NO Exceptions.

Burial insurance is sometimes called final expense and funeral insurance. Depending on who you talk to you might hear it called different names but we want you to know what Gerber Life burial insurance is and how it’s different. Gerber’s final expense or burial insurance plan is whole life Insurance, so it does not expire. The price you will pay per month will stay the same forever, this does not change. The benefits never decrease.  Even if major health issues come up or you live to be over 100.  The Death benefit will also remain consistent for the rest of your life.

Since the Gerber life final expense plan is guaranteed issue, there will be no health questions on the application. Anyone that applies and pays the first premium will be covered. Cancer, Dialysis, Organ Transplants, HIV, AIDS, Alzheimer’s disease your approved! A Gerber Life Guaranteed acceptance burial insurance plan will not deny anyone for any reason.   Everyone is approved!  If you can’t qualify for day one coverage this might just be the burial insurance plan for you.  Make sure your burial insurance professional has looked into all other final expense plans and immediate day one coverage is not an option.



Gerber Life’s Brand

Gerber is probably one of the more well-known brands in the US, Gerber is a very large company. The Life Insurance Company, Gerber Life, provides all kinds of life insurance products for kids, adults and seniors. The burial insurance plans they provide are very easy to understand.


Gerber burial life insurance is a guaranteed issue final expense plan. This policy has no health questions and no health exam. They issue the policy no matter what might be or might not be wrong with you. Gerber Life is one of the best company’s you can go with depending on who you buy from. We recommend you let us help you with your Gerber policy just to make sure a guaranteed issue plan is your best for you. With that, most people we talk to should not get a guaranteed life insurance policy.


Gerber Life offers one of the best values for burial insurance. Their guaranteed issue burial insurance plan is undeniably one of the best final expense plans on the market. However, you should only buy it once you know for certain that you can’t qualify for a burial insurance plan with day one coverage.


Gerber Life history

The Gerber life story goes back to 1927, in the home of Dorothy and Daniel Gerber from Fremont, Michigan. While hand making baby food for their 7-month-old baby girl Sally, Dorothy thought that this tiresome task would be better handled at the Fremont Canning Factory, the Gerber family produced canned fruits and vegetables. By 1928, they had developed five products that were distributed nationwide.

In 1928, Gerber had to find a face to represent the baby food brand. A simple sketch of a baby won the award and the submission went on to become the official trademark of Gerber. Today, the Gerber baby is one of the most recognizable images in America.


Gerber an undeniable leader in baby food. But what most people don’t know is that they do life insurance as well.

Gerber Life insurance company, one of the largest providers of directly marketed life insurance in the USA. Almost every house in America has gotten a mailing from Gerber Life was founded in 1927. In 1967, Gerber Life Insurance Company was formed. This allowed them to offer a line of life insurance products aimed at parents of young children.


Gerber Life has an “A” rating with A.M. Best. Gerber life burial insurance has over $2 billion in assets under management. They are financially sound which is very important when looking at an insurance company. This insurance company you can rely on the promise to pay.


Gerber has a few different life insurance policy’s most of them targeted at young families with children. We will focusing on the burial insurance plan or final expense insurance. Their burial insurance is a guaranteed acceptance final expense life insurance plan.

Presently, Gerber Life and AIG (American General Life) have the lowest rates out of all the guaranteed issue final expense plans. Gerber and AIG are extremely close in price. Most cases, they are only a few dollars difference in price. These very competitive prices make it affordable for anyone, even someone with major health risks get the final expense coverage they want and need.


All other companies that offer guaranteed issue burial insurance have higher premiums. No health questions on the application and no medical exams will certainly leads to a lot of applicants with serious health problems. However, Gerber Life burial insurance premiums are so low it makes it possible for anyone to get a great final burial insurance plan at an incredible price.


Is Guaranteed Issue the Best Option?


This question must be answered before anyone buys a final expense plan. A Guaranteed issue burial insurance plan is not right for everyone. Yes I is easy to think that this plan is best because it is so simple and easy to apply for.  But the fact that no health questions are asked and no medical exam is required does not mean it is the best plan for you. All these things are true and I would love to see more insurance companies have an application process as simple as Gerber Life.  You will pay a price for these conveniences. There are major issues with a guaranteed issue final expense policy.


The first problem is the two year waiting period and by far the most important issue. Your beneficiary’s are not protected during the first two years of the plan. If you pay for this burial insurance plan for 23 months and pass away unexpectedly this would cause a huge problem that needs no further explanation. The second issue of a guaranteed policy is the price. Even though a lot of people might pay more for the convenience it provides the risk that the waiting period creates is not worth it.  The price of a guaranteed burial insurance policy is almost always going to be higher than a burial insurance policy that does have a few health questions.  When a burial insurance company is able to limit the amount of acceptable risk involved they can always afford to keep policies more affordable.  If your health qualifies you for an immediate benefit plan you would be doing your loved ones a huge disservice if you use a guaranteed issue burial insurance policy for your final expense planning.


Your Burial Insurance Pro will provide you with a list of questions that will help determine with option is best for you. This will be completely decided by your current and previous health history.  Rely on their expertise in this filed and make sure you get the best possible burial insurance plan available.  For starters, if your health history is good enough that you can say no to all the health questions on the application the choice is easy.  Even if you can’t answer every question no your burial Insurance Pro will usually be able to find another company that would work.  This is what we do every day for our clients we find the best possible option tailored to your specific situation.


Our Burial Insurance Pros will make sure you pay less, and you will get the immediate burial insurance coverage you are looking for. A burial insurance plan with health questions and a quick medical background check will always be lower in price and have day one coverage.


As we said before if your health history requires you to say yes to any health questions don’t worry, it may be still be possible to get a level benefit day one final expense plan. It will completely depend on what the underlying health issues are that are making you answer yes to this question. It may be your only option to go with the guaranteed issue burial insurance plan. It will come down to what you and your burial insurance pro decide about your overall health profile.  This is why it is a must to work with a professional that knows the ins and outs of the burial insurance industry.


I know this is complicated stuff for most people, but it’s just another day at the office for a Burial Insurance Pro like ourselves. This is the advantage of working with us at BurialInsurancePros.Com for all your burial insurance needs. We will quickly address any health concerns, and advise you of your best options.




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