About US

Who Are The Burial Insurance Pros?

We are an independent agency that concentrates on burial insurance plans and final expense life insurance.

Our Goals are:

•To help educate, give direction, and advise anyone who is searching for life insurance
•To help everyone get the very best price available for their final expense insurance

You will have a licensed agent help you while you stay in the comfort and security of your own home. We answer all your questions, give you quotes, provide the information, and help you design your burial insurance plan. NO high pressure tactics. NO matter what you decide to do we will be there to support your decision, not pressure you into buying. Respect and dignity are two non-negotiable requirements for any Burial Insurance Pro.

A burial insurance Pro will provide instant and lasting peace mind for you and your loved ones. You will frequently hear burial insurance referred to as final expense or funeral insurance. With these plans, you can relax knowing that your funeral expenses will not be a burden your family.

How will you get the lowest price burial insurance plan just right for you?

There are literally dozens of insurance companies to choose from.

Getting the lowest rate is easy!

All we have to do is find out what life insurance company will view your current and past health circumstances most favorably. This is how we save you time and money. Doing this by yourself could take years of trial and error.

We can choose ANY life insurance company.
We will carefully look at ALL options.
Identify the BEST carrier for you.

Then it’s just a matter of filling out an application, and we can do this over the phone. In fact, we can get you qualified with no money up front in no time! You will pay nothing until you have been approved.

Burial Insurance Plans Done Right

Our Goal is to do things RIGHT. Here at Burial Insurance Pro, you will speak with a professional licensed agent who is here to help not sell. We help everyone buy at their own pace, and we love to help any way we can. We will answer all questions, address any concerns.

Best of all:

You do this from the coziness of your own home!
NO agent will ever come to your door!
We work exclusively over the phone, internet, email, and regular mail.
You decide what is best for you.

It all comes down to when YOU are ready, we will ensure you pay the lowest possible price for your burial insurance plan.

We will work hard to earn your business and find you the best price on a burial insurance plan. If you want a burial insurance pro to advocate for you and act on your behalf rather than the insurance companies, give us a chance. We won’t let you down. Fill out the quote form and an agent will contact you just as soon as possible to review your burial insurance needs.

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